Michał Zieliński & Imran Parvez

Design therapy – no one understands me

Do you face situations when you are handed requirements and asked for mockups. You were told that your design is not good but when you ask about “user needs” or “user research” people roll their eyes? You doubt that you are a good designer. You don’t know how to raise your concerns? Deal with it, that’s life. 😉 Jokes aside… not all hope is gone, come to our session and find out how to make our every day lives easier and feel more satisfied when designing. We’re going to work on the greatest asset of every designer/PM/BA you name it – communication skills, and have some fun on the way :). This workshop is in English but don’t be a stranger, this isn’t our native language as well 😉 . Come over and see how to become better at asking and giving feedback as well as how effectively work together.


Michał Zieliński

Michał believes that you can communicate in many ways, design, text or music. Practices all of them. Works in Spartez on Atlassian products (Jira) to solve complex problems while working as a team. Believes that every success and failure is crucial if you have a trust and space to share both.

Imran Parvez

Imran is a UX designer working in Spartez on Atlassian products (Jira). He makes use of systems thinking to understand and design for the users. He is originally from industrial design background, which explains why he makes comparisons of web patterns to physical products.